Monday, 16 May 2011

Under permanent construction ...

It's often said that 'Rome wasn't built in a day', and it probably wasn't, neither was Buxton - but it seems like the town has been 'under construction' for ever !

There's the Swimming Pool (top photo above) which has had more "Re-opening Dates" than I can remember, the latest date given is June 1st (though which year could be open to debate).

Then there's the Railway Station (botton photo, above) that seems to have had 'the builders' in longer than it probably took to build the original structure.

Not to mention the Crescent (which previously housed St.Anns Hotel/Library/Register Office) that has become a casualty of just about everything, effectively stopping it from being used.

The Haddon Hall Hotel (previously the Hydro-Electric HQ), that was empty for a number of years then was a victim of fire (or was it arson, I don't know ?) and is awaiting demolition.

The new Fire Staion being built, the propsed new Hospital, plans for Tesco are a hot topic of debate, add these to the neverending ever-changing face of the retail outlets in town, and it makes me wonder why people visit Buxton from all over the world when it has been a building site for a good number of years.


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