Sunday, 15 May 2011

Mad Dogs and Englishmen ...

The phrase "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" never made much sense until this morning. As I was walking home I had not one large labrador bounding towards me, but then another came not far behind. I recognised these unleashed dogs as one of them had already left it's muddy paw marks all over the front of me once before - it left such a mess on me that I had to go home and get changed !

Anyway, once bitten twice shy, I gestured with my hand to wave the errant dog away, when the person belonging to the dogs was heard to say on his mobile phone "Just a minute whilst I go and give this F***er a slap !" and he proceeded to come towards me like the proverbial bull in a china shop !

Well, I turned around to face him and asked what his problem was, only to be accused of 'hitting his dog', which I didn't do, I merely protected myself from being mauled by a dog that has a habit of jumping up at people and this dog had "previous" - so I knew what it was aabout to do, and I wasn't prepared to let it to do it's dirty deed on me again.

Whilst I understand people can be protective towards their pets, they have a duty to keep their pets under control - especially dogs, and particularly dogs this big (probably weighing in at 120 pounds !) which have a tendency to jump on people.

This 'dog owner' wasn't aware of this, it turned out he was just mouthing off and went onto direct more of his verbal abuse by calling me a 'Scottish twat' and went away chuntering to himself.

Needless to say, he failed to carry out any of his 'threats' of occassioning any physical contact upon me - probably because he was vertically challenged or something (why do little guys have big dogs ? ) - but the phrase "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" perhaps could become "Mad Dogs and Mad Englshman" in this instance, obviously neither should be out alone and unleashed !

Especially on what should be a quiet Sunday morning.


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