Thursday, 28 January 2010

Happy Birthday !

I knew there was something 'special' about this Friday Night !

Mars and Moon in heavenly show...

Mars and the full Moon pair up to provide a grand celestial spectacle on Friday night.

The Red Planet, now 62 million miles from Earth, will be at its brightest this year as it lines up opposite the Sun.

At around 9pm, Mars will be above and to the left of the Moon, about the length of an outstretched fist away.

A standard SLR camera fitted with a telephoto lens is all you need to capture the scene, says Robin Scagell, from the Society for Popular Astronomy.

"Mars is looking really quite red and impressive at the moment, and the Moon will be full, he said. "It's going to be a great sight and rather fun to look for.

"A telescope has too close a field of view, but with a 100mm telephoto lens you'd just about get them both in the picture, and you'll be able to see details on the Moon."

A pair of binoculars and a clear out-of-town sky will reveal an added bonus - the "beehive" star cluster - between the two objects, said Mr Scagell.

Mars is at its most spectacular when close to the Earth at opposition.

In 2003 the planet was just 35 million miles away as it faced the Sun, and more than four times brighter than it will be on the night of 29th January 2010.


Tuesday, 26 January 2010

High Peak Disability Sport e-news

High Peak Disability Sport e-news

Sharing Good Practice Issue 21, 26th January 2010

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the e-newsletter of High Peak Disability Sports Group. Through this newsletter we hope to keep people informed, share good practice and promote sport and physical activity opportunities for disabled people in the High Peak.

Please support our efforts by forwarding it on to your colleagues and friends or print off a copy of the attached word version for those without access to e-mail. For a hard copy of this newsletter contact Helen Ashworth mailto:

To remove your name from the mailing list please e-mail mailto:

In January’s issue:

1. High Peak Disability Sport Group next meeting;

2. High Peak Sharks News;

3. Typhoo Sports for All: Disability Inclusion Training Workshop;

4. National Pan Disability Boccia League;

5. Spotlight on Ellie Bamber;

6. Sports Coach and Volunteer Register;

7. Vacancy: Derbyshire Sport.

1. High Peak Disability Sport Group next meeting

The next meeting of High Peak Disability Sports Group will on Wednesday 4th February 2010 at 5.30pm in Room DO/GO5, University of Derby Buxton, 1Devonshire Road, Buxton, SK17 6RY. Chair: Paul Evans, Tel: 0845 129 77 77

Minutes of our meetings and earlier issues of this newsletter can be accessed through a link on St. Philip Howard Sports College website:

2. High Peak Sharks News

Sharks swimmers are currently completing a distance swim during training sessions at New Mills Pool on Saturdays. They will attend their first Gala of the year at Swansea at the beginning of May.

High Peak Sharks is a swimming club for disabled people of all ages who meet every Saturday 5.30 – 6.30pm at New Mills Leisure Centre, Hyde Bank Road, New Mills, SK22 4BP.

Contact - Nicki:

Alice: 07962 020748

or come along any Saturday at 5.30pm and see for yourself!

3. Typhoo Sports for All – Disability Inclusion Training

This six hour course is designed to give coaches of all sports the ideas and inspiration to adapt their sessions to make them more accessible for disabled participants. It is a theory and practical course sponsored by Typhoo Tea Limited.

The next course in the region is at Belle Vue, Manchester on Saturday 27th February. Register online at:§ionTitle=EFDS+Inclusive+Training

4. National Pan Disability Boccia League

The 2010 league is now under way with 4 teams from the High Peak area competing. High Peak Sharks will be playing their first match away against Stockport on 7th February, while the University of Derby teams are home to Matlock on 4th February and to Bankcroft on 11th February. Results will appear in February’s newsletter.

5. Spotlight on Ellie Bamber

14 year old Ellie Bamber from New Mills has challenged herself to open up new opportunities for disabled swimmers who are also interested in playing Boccia. She has recently trained as a Boccia leader and is now organising training sessions for their Boccia league debut next month. Ellie has also applied for funding through UnLtd which supports local initiatives.

Follow the progress of Ellie and the team over the next few months in this newsletter.

6. Sports Coach and Volunteer Register

Two Glossop sport and leisure providers have teamed up to produce a register of casual sports coaches and volunteers for the Glossop area

For more information or an application pack contact:

Emma Champion, Community Sport Development Officer

Tel: (01457) 866612
Mobile: 07947 832 413

St. Philip Howard Sports College, St. Mary’s Road, Glossop, Derbyshire. SK13 8DR

Vacancy: Derbyshire Sport

Derbyshire Sport are currently looking for a Disability Sport Officer to drive forward opportunities for disabled people to participate in sport and physical activity in the Derbyshire area.

Go to


Don’t miss our next meeting!

Wednesday 3rd February 2010, 5.30 – 7.30pm

University of Derby, Buxton.


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

When the man comes around ...


There are times when music and lyrics just gel so well that they become dependable, something to lean on in times of need - to make you think outwith the usual parameters. "When the man comes around" by Johnny Cash is one of those songs, especially when it precedes the cover version of "Hurt". Kind of a special song,with special meaning from a special singer.


Monday, 18 January 2010

Big Love


Some mornings, I wake up, only to find, a song that fills that much needed space .... "Big Love" did just that this morning.


Paris Half Marathon 2010

Not long to go until 7th March, the Paris 2010 Half Marathon, where I will be participating to raise funds for CEFET in this the European Year to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion.

Some 27,000 runners are registered to take part in this year's Paris' Half Marathon, a 21.1km circuit which begins and ends at l'Esplanade du Château de Vincennes in the Parc Floral.

Please donate online for this event (link below has more details), Thank you.


Monday, 11 January 2010

Full Moon dates/day/times for 2010

Full Moon dates 2010

- Month Day Time Day of week
2010 Jan 30 06:19 Saturday
2010 Feb 28 16:40 Sunday
2010 Mar 30 02:28 Tuesday
2010 Apr 28 12:21 Wednesday
2010 May 27 23:09 Thursday
2010 Jun 26 11:32 Saturday
2010 Jul 26 01:38 Monday
2010 Aug 24 17:06 Tuesday
2010 Sep 23 09:19 Thursday
2010 Oct 23 01:38 Saturday
2010 Nov 21 17:28 Sunday
2010 Dec 21 08:15 Tuesday

A Full Moon on my birthday .... an omen.


Sunday, 10 January 2010

10th January 2010 ...

Out walking around Buxton on Sunday 10th January 2010, (above) looking down over The Crescent from The Cenotaph on The Slopes ...
.... the 'oldest' Postbox in Town has seen it all before....

..... Buxton's Town Hall has the biggest icicles in Town, that is "official" ! ....

... Pavilion Gardens lake is 50% frozen over....... can you spot Solomon's Temple in the distance ? ...

.... Aldi's Car Park getting cleared. This chap was making light work clearing the snow, it was like watching 'poetry in motion' seeing him set about his task. .......

...... Pavilion Garden's lake ... from a slightly different angle... it could be more than 50% frozen ? ....

..... The Gym is still open next to the Palace Hotel and a nice clear path up to it ....

.... I spotted a Jogger, well I thought it was a jogger running through Pavilion Gardens ...until I spotted a dog running after him ! ...

Majestic building looking over the town... The Palace Hotel, Buxton ....

Seriously big icicles .... 250yds x 250yds .... if that sign is right ? ....


Friday, 8 January 2010

Paris 2010 Half Marathon

Sunday 7th March 2010 I will be participating in the Paris Half Marathon, please use the link (below) to donate to my efforts to raise funds for CEFET.

Merci beaucoup.


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Buxton Humanist Group - January 2010 Meeting

Buxton Humanist Group

- January 2010 Meeting.

"Basics of Humanism"

Monday 18th January 2010 at 7pm for 7.30pm start

Piano Lounge, Old Hall Hotel, Buxton.

Contact for more information: Marge Rose 01298 72310


Monday, 4 January 2010

On the third day of 2010 ....


Am I lonely?
Yes I am
I've been so cruelly jilted
Ran home to see my snow-woman
And found that she had melted!

I hugged her closely yesterday
We said we'd never part
I gave her my best winter scarf
And she gave me her heart
Now where she stood
There's a soggy mess
A sad collapsed non entity
Just a carrot and some twigs
Remain of her identity
They say that fools
Rush in too soon
And give their hearts too fast
My passion melted her away
I knew it couldn't last!


Sunday, 3 January 2010

Moulin Rouge


"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return." ~ Moulin Rouge.

63 Days until the Paris Half Marathon and I'm thinking that the greatest thing I should learn is to say "Non !" .... 63 jours pour aller et je suis excité, a effrayé comme l'enfer et a motivé. Le regard de Rouge de Moulin hors.... ici je viens.


Saturday, 2 January 2010

On the second day of 2010 ...

Apologies for the quality of pictures (above) but I took them on my phone this morning as I set about a 10 mile hike in the light of the Moon, which was quite surreal but not as surreal as the absolute white-out that happened later this morning as a further 8 inches of snow fell on top of the previous offerings that had turned to ice. .... and there is more snow forecast.
That's what happens when one lives above the snow-line !

Friday, 1 January 2010

Blue Moon on New Year's Day 2010

The 'Blue Moon' was fantastic, it shone so bright in the sub-zero snow-covered environment that is exclusive to Buxton at this time of year. I took the photograph (above) at 7.30am this morning from the bedroom window, I wasn't hanging around as the mercury was at -12 and shows no sign of getting much warmer today.

Brrrr !

Happy New Year 'Blue Moon'.