Sunday, 18 January 2009


Oh well, it's been one of those weekends where I have done a lot of little things and new things !

I roasted carrots and parsnips - first time I ever roasted any vegetable {except potatoes, of course} and it won't be the last... they were delicious !!

I also got round to doing some paperwork, adding content to some websites, listening to some CDs throughout the time, and I also composed a letter.... so if you receive a letter in the not too distant future, please read the letter I wrote.


Caught out running
With just a little too much to hide
Maybe baby
Everythings gonna turn out fine
Please read the letter
I mailed it to your door
It’s crazy how it all turned out
We needed so much more

Too late, too late
A fool could read the signs
Maybe baby
You’d better check between the lines
Please read the letter,
I wrote it in my sleep
With help and consultation from
The angels of the deep

Please read the letter that I wrote
Please read the letter that I wrote


Saturday, 17 January 2009

Time to Change

Our Campaign to end mental health discrimination is launching in January 2009
Make it your first New Year's resolution to get involved. Why not....
1. Tell everyone you know about 'Time to Change' and to visit
2. Order free materials - put them up in public places near you.
3. Get our Campaign toolkit with ideas on organising Events, like a "Myth Buster Quiz".
Find out more and order a toolkit today by visiting
Call : 0845 456 0455

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Charge !

One of best ever albums "Charge"- was from a Band called 'Paladin', the above youtube link is a track from it "Watching the World pass by" whilst below "Mix your mind with the Moonbeams".

'Paladin' consisted of Lou Stonebridge on vocals, piano and harmonica, Derek Foley on guitar and vocals, Pete Solley on organ, piano, violin and vocals, Keith Webb on drums and percussion, and Peter Beckett on bass and vocals. Stonebridge and Foley had been playing with the band Grisby Dyke, and Peter was formerly of the band Winston G and The Wicked. When rehearsals began, it was clear that Paladin was going to be a dynamic live band. Instead of recording a demo, they invited people from the music industry to attend the rehearsals that took place in a farmhouse at Slowwe House in Arlington, Gloucstershire. This was a huge old house that the entire band stayed at. Their sound was a mix of rock, blues, soul, jazz, and latin, creating a rich blend of world beat, long before it existed. Paladin's use of dual keyboards also created a unique sounds.

Monday, 12 January 2009

One of those songs...

I wear my heart on my sleeve

I'm not afraid

Say what I mean

Mean what I say

Set myself up

Let myself down

I may be a fool

Spread it around

And I, just want to let you know

Sometimes I, find it so hard not to show

So I sigh

And I let my feelings show

I wear my heart on my sleeve

Don't count the cost

If I can't live enough

Though you tend to get burned

You tend to get bruised

But it's my life

The way that I choose

And I, just want to let you know

Sometimes I, find it so hard not to show

Ooh don't sigh

Baby you're not alone

I'll wear my heart on my sleeve

Wear my heart on my sleeve

I wear my heart on my sleeve

Wear my heart on my sleeve

Ooh and I, just want to let you know

Sometimes I, find it so hard not to show

Don't you sigh

Maybe you're not alone

I wear my heart on my sleeve

wear my heart on my sleeve....

Sunday, 11 January 2009

I have booked a week's Holiday, just to get 'away from it all' in Scotland at the end of March and what will be the first week of British Summer Time and the week prior to Easter.


Saturday, 10 January 2009

I chose to look the other way...

One of the roles I had in Industry was a Health & Safety Representative and I saw no end of accidents and preventable occurrences, some fatal. I came across a poem today that reminded me of that time as I was looking for some Poetry with the theme of 'the other way'. This is quite subtle !

I could have saved a life that day,
But I chose to look the other way.
It wasn’t that I didn’t care,
I had the time, and I was there.

But I didn’t want to seem a fool,
Or argue over a safety rule.
I knew he’d done the job before,
If I called it wrong, he might get sore.
The chances didn’t seem that bad,
I’ve done the same, he knew I had.

So I shook my head and walked on by,
He knew the risks as well as I.
He took the chance, I closed an eye,
And with that act, I let him die.
I could have saved a life that day,
But I chose to look the other way.

Now every time I see his wife,
I’ll know I should have saved his life.
That guilt is something I must bear,
But it isn’t something you need to share,
If you see a risk that others take,
That puts their health or life at stake.

The question asked, or thing you say,
Could help them live another day.
If you see a risk and walk away,
Then I hope you never have to say,
I could have saved a life that day,
But I chose to look the other way

by Don Merrell

A song I heard...

A song I heard this morning epitomises just what I like to hear in a song...

((( raw energy ))) !

The old original ones are generally the best.

The Small Faces with PP Arnold "Tin Soldier"


I, am a little tin soldier
that wants to jump into your fire
you are a look in your eye
a dream passing by in the sky
But I don't understand
And all I need, is treat me like a man
'cause I ain't no child
take me like I am
I got to know that I belong to you
I do anything that you want to do
I'll sing any so song that you want me to sing to you

I don't need no aggravation
I just got to make you
Got, I said listen, i just got to make you, yes, my occupation
I got to know that I belong to you
I'd do anything that you want to do
I'd sing any so song that you want me to sing to you
All I need is your whispered hello
smiles melting the snow
nothing heardyour eyes, are deeper than time
say a love that won't rhyme without words
so now I've lost my way
I need help to show me things to say
Just give me your love, before mine fades away
I got to know that I belong to you
I'll do anything that you want to do
I'll sing any so song that you want me to sing to you
oh yeah....oh yeah
Hey! I just want some reaction
someone to give me satisfaction
all I want to do is stick with you ,'cause I love you.


Elusive Bird...

The photo (above) won't win any prizes, but if you look just above the right-hand rail of the small bridge... the 'object' is indeed the elusive Heron that teases me on a daily basis ! It "poses" just long enough for me to get a camera out before it takes flight !!
This was taken this morning as I was out having an early Saturday morning walk.

Saturday 10th January 2009

Once a bustling Market, a few Stalls still brave all weathers to sell their Wares on Saturdays & Tuesdays. Less than 10 years ago, the Market Stalls took over both sides of the road.


Friday, 9 January 2009

Full Moon Calendar 2009

Full Moon for January, 2009
January 11, 03:27

Full Moon for February, 2009
February 9, 14:49

Full Moon for March, 2009
March 11, 02:38

Full Moon for April, 2009
April 9, 14:56

Full Moon for May, 2009
May 9, 04:01

Full Moon for June, 2009
June 7, 18:12

Full Moon for July, 2009
July 7, 09:21

Full Moon for August, 2009
August 6, 00:55

Full Moon for September, 2009
September 4, 16:03

Full Moon for October, 2009
October 4, 06:10

Full Moon for November, 2009
November 2, 19:14

Full Moon for December, 2009
December 2, 07:30

December 31, 19:13 (blue moon)

Hey.... end of December there is a Blue Moon !

Matt & Phreds...

This Sunday, 11th January 2009, an iconic new amateur film night hits Matt and Phreds.
The Film Den - an event which will provide amateur film makers in the North West with the opportunity to showcase their talent on the big screen in front of an audience has already established a loyal fan base by planting short film viral advertisements on internet sites such as Facebook and YouTube. The Film Den has been launched to encourage people who don't usually make films to give it a go in their spare time. It will also allow current film makers in Manchester and the North West to showcase their work and make valuable contacts within the industry.
Rick Yates of Flat Cap films is excited about the event, he said: "This event will bring people together on a regular basis for some great entertainment and the oppotunity to show off their work. It's important to remeber that their is a film maker in every one of us. There are a lot of people out there who make films just for fun but untill now there hasn't really been an event like this for them to show people their work."

If you want to get involved or know anyone that would email Rick at
Also check out the website for more information.

Out with the Old, In with the New !

It seem's like a non-stop appliance renewal system at present, one thing after another is getting replaced due to age or breaking down ! My long-standing affair with my old cooker lasted over 11 years - we probably shared some hot times together, but it appears that the old girl's oven is not getting up to the correct temperature any more, so it is time for a new 'appliance of science' Zanussi to take it's place. Get's delivered on Monday 12th January, so I guess I'll be spending time getting acquainted with my new 'hottie'.... after I wire her up, of course.
And Friday today ? It is all foggy outside, the snow/ice has vanished with the temperatures up a few degrees and it look's all mysterious outdoors.... spooky even !

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


I went and bought a set of dumbells today, then proceeded to carry them home by foot the two miles home. Needless to say, I was rather tired when I arrived - carrying the 42lb weights home !
The 'real' exercise can begin tomorrow :-)

7th January 2009

The Lake is partly frozen over, as there has been some snow and milder temperatures during the night.

Underneath the snow there is an artificial pitch, Astroturf, where I used to play Hockey for Buxton.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

6th January 2009

Pavilion Gardens, this morning. Absolutely freezing conditions yet surprisingly bright sunshine !