Friday, 31 October 2008

31st October 2008

Sunny Friday but very cold !

And it's Halloween tonight, new US President next week and the clocks change over there too... roll on Guy Fawkes night for a bit of heat and normality :-)

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Thursday 30th October 2008

Hey - the penultimate day of October 2008 - time is fairly rushing by and it's been a few days since I blogged !

What's been happening ?

Well, the weather has been awful - rain/wind/snow !

Yesterday I was inducted as a Director to a Company in no less a splendid setting as Kedleston Hall (above) - things are looking up :-)

Saturday, 25 October 2008


Re - Visit to your home 20th october 2008

Thank you for letting several of us visit yesterday to discuss your various concerns. I would like to apologise that it was neccessary for you to appeal to your original complaint, and also that High Peak Community Housing have not addressed all your concerns in a timely manner.

Louise Pearce

Corporate Excellence Manager


Well, apologising is a start. I hope that my outstanding concerns as detailed in the letter of apology are now addressed in a timely manner...especially the neighbour issues !

Watch this space !!


One year ago...

One year ago I was in Scotland, staying on the Coast, and it was an Indian Summer !

Friday, 24 October 2008

Friday 24th October 2008

Seems that the recession has taken effect in what I call a 'growth' industry ~ the price of a haircut has risen 12.5% at my Barber. So, I guess those who have unkempt hair are either short of cash or are in the process of saving up for a haircut !

The wind has died down and today just might ((( might ))) be a nice day weather-wise, as will the weekend.

One can wish, can't one :-)

On the garden front I have just mowed the rear lawn (I hope) for the last time of 2008, it looked so untidy with all the leaves that I just run over it hoovering them up in the lawnmower ! And it is rather warm in the autumnal sunshine too !!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Thursday 23rd October 2008

Well, 50mph winds have blown the remaining leaves from my ((( big ))) tree at the bottom of my garden and left it looking rather vulnerable as winter draws near, and winter is drawing near - already I'm wearing my winter coat outdoors !

Today has been a rather non-event kind of day ~ nothing exciting or untoward happened, except that I cooked a Pork joint, which is highly unusual for me as I am a "slam in the Lamb" person !

Oh and I have been writing some material to {hopefully} perform at next Tuesday's Poetry Slam ~ watch this space !!!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Wednesday 22cd October 2008

Getting the place re-wired today, so there will be sockets and fuseboxes put in sensible places rather than what I inherited. Also the old redundant wiring will be removed rather than the previous occupants of the property did. So things are looking up !


Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Tuesday 21st October 2008

A pure lazy day, eating & sleeping and writing !

Still processing yesterday's events where I have secured the re-wiring of my property, the relocating of the central heating boiler (to where I originally requested it be put !) and the relaying of the kitchen floor. Plus more steps have been put in place to prevent the neighbour from cluttering communal areas with crap !

Progress has been made, just need it putting into practice now.

I'm off out for an evening with not one Poet Laureate, but three of them !

Monday, 20 October 2008

Monday 20th October 2008

It is Monday morning @ 6am and today should (hopefully) show a way forward to some very long outstanding problems I have had with the Arms Length Body that manages the Housing for the local Council. Today will see a whole troupe of people come visit my property with a view to correcting their 'errors' and refurbishing the place to bring it up to the acceptable level as advertised in their 'Better Homes' propoganda !

See what today brings.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Thursday 16th October 2008

Well I survived the visit to the Dentist, though I left with both jaws swollen which coupled with the stye in my eye made me look, sound and feel like Quazimodo on a good day !

Hopefully that's the visits to the Dentist taken care of for the next 12 months. It really is torture for me being in the Dentist's chair as never has my mouth been open for so long without me actually saying anything !


Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Wednesday 15th October 2008

I always endeavour to write the date in the 'Title' because of the time difference(s), it look's rather formal but keep's things in the right order.

Well, the Moon was hardly visible last night but is there in all it's brightness this evening !

Trip to the Dentist tomorrow morning to get a few fillings and a clean & polish, then off to attend an AGM followed by a Farewell Party to someone I have worked closely with over the last decade - she is moving on to new pastures !

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I Don't Mind At All ......

I Don't Mind At All - Bourgeois Tagg

The time for talking's over now,
I guess it's time to let you go.
But I don't, no,
I don't mind at all.

It's getting so you never know
when things are better left alone.
But I don't, no,
I don't mind at all.

It's important to me
that I don't see you laughing at me.
But I'm smart enough to know
that I have to let you go.
But I don't mind at all.

Sentimental tears will get you
far as you might think they will.
But I don't, no,
I don't mind at all.

Misery loves company
but she will never foot the bill.
But I don't, no,
I don't mind at all.

It's important to me
that I don't see you laughing at me,
but I'm smart enough to know
that I have to let you go.
But I don't mind at all.

Several years ago
I said goodbye to my own sanity.
But I don't, no,
I don't, no,
I don't mind at all.

October 14, 2008 8:02 pm GMT

October 14, 2008 8:02 pm GMT is the date and time of the Full Moon, this particular Moon being called 'Hunter's Moon' as it appears to be the brightest of all the full moons and follows the 'Harvest Moon'.
(Boz Scaggs)

What about the one who said he loved you
What about the one who said he cared
Don't bother trying to find him
Way up in the icy air

Oh you played with his heartstrings
And you played without a care
But not up in the High Sierra
You won't play his heart out there

The angels lay their clouds across his sky
They line up for him every night
Some have wings and others sing
The rest do lazy ballets in the air

There he's got a bird to give him warning
And he's got a lookout too
The beauty of the High Sierra
And she's looking out for you

The angels lay their clouds across his sky
They line up for him every night
Some have wings and others sing
The rest do lazy ballets in the air

What about the one who said he loved you
What about the one who said he cared
He's up in the High Sierra
But don't bother looking there

Monday, 13 October 2008

13th October 2008

Buxton Poetry Competition Launch.

The Peak District’s major literary competition – supported by the UK poet laureate Andrew Motion – was launched on National Poetry Day, Thursday October 9.
Poets of all ages have until April 1 2009 to create poems inspired by this year’s theme, ‘stone’, which is intimately connected with the competition’s beautiful Peak District origin. The White Peak’s stunning limestone landscape and the dramatic gritstone edges that shape the Dark Peak, form some of Britain’s best-loved countryside.
Winners of the Buxton Poetry Competition will have their work displayed in the spa town’s Devonshire Dome and read at an awards event during the Buxton Festival. The poet laureate Andrew Motion and Lady Jasmine Cavendish, daughter of the Duke of Devonshire, are the competition’s patrons.
The competition has three categories:
Open Poetry for the over 19s
Young People’s Poetry for entrants aged between 12 and 18
Children’s Poetry for the under 11s
Entries will be assessed by a panel of distinguished judges including the award-winning poet Fleur Adcock OBE and Michael Schmidt OBE who is professor of Poetry at Glasgow University. Five finalists drawn from each category will feature in an exhibition held during the Buxton Festival, July 10 – 28 2009.
Writers may enter up to three poems. Entry is free for the Young People’s and Children’s categories and £5 per poem for the Open category. First prize in the Open category is £300, second prize £200 and third prize £100. The Children and Young People’s winners will receive book token prizes.
The contest proved highly popular in its inaugural year, 2008, drawing over 1,000 entries from as far afield as India and the USA.
Buxton Poetry Competition is run in collaboration between Buxton Festival and the University of Derby, Buxton. The competition compliments the Festival’s highly successful literary series and the University’s range of creative writing courses.
To enter contact Claire Rhodes at Buxton Festival: 01298 70395,

Monday 13th October 2008

Monday morning (again) and I am feeling less than enthusiastic ! It is 7.15am, and it seems that October is dragging along rather slowly for my liking as there appears to be a lot of things I am 'waiting on' to happen - mainly due to other people - that I feel powerless to influence.

If everything comes to those who wait, then how long does one wait ?


Lepidolite is excellent for overcoming any kind of emotional or mental dependency, supportive in releasing from addictions and complaints of all kinds. As a "stone of transition" it releases and organises old psychological and behavioural patterns, inducing change. Soft lavender to soft-pink with sprinkles of mica, this stone calms and relaxes, gently eases intense feelings, stress, moodswings, depression, manic-depression, self-criticism, anxiety, addictions, worrying. It brings to the user hope, relief, gentleness, self-love, patience, self-forgiveness, unhurried sleep, well-being, along with providing mental and emotional balance.


Sunday, 12 October 2008

12th October 2008

Next year, I will {hopefully} be in amongst these runners taking part in the Windgather Fell Race.

Friday, 10 October 2008

10th October 2008

World Mental Health Day today, National Poetry Day yesterday..... and today is also my 4th Birthday, it is four years to the day since I stopped drinking alcohol.


Wednesday, 8 October 2008

8th October 2008

Well, yesterday was a busy day with a Conference in Bakewell followed by a Poetry Session in Ambergate. The weather behaved itself all day, right up until it was walking home time from the Bus.... then the skies opened and the swirling winds ensured the rain left no parts particularly dry !

Today is preparation for National Poetry Day (tomorrow), doing my laundry and generally tidying up... no rest for the wicked !!

Monday, 6 October 2008

6th October 2008

The weekend was torture, and I confess that I hate anything being physically 'wrong' with me but having a stye on the lower AND upper eyelid of my right eye is driving me to distraction !!

Just imagine every time that you blinked it felt as though your eyeball was being rubbed by sandpaper and you'll understand my predicament.

And this is with the prescribed eye ointment - it could be a lot worse, is my only consolation.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

2cd October 2008

This morning saw the last of the wind & the rain for a few days, it is now bright gorgeous autumnal sunshine !

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

1st October 2008

The first day of October 2008 and it is definitely autumn ! The wind is howling outside and there has been more than a modicum of rainfall during the night to give this wednesday morning less than a feelgood factor as winter woolies & waterproofs look essential accessories for the forseeable future and if utility prices were not so high the central heating would already be on !

Brrr !